Saturday, January 9, 2016

30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 9: Returnable Bottles)

Take advantage of products that come in returnable containers like milk and/or yogurt. Not only are you saving plastic jugs and cartons from going to the landfill, you are potentially supporting local farms. Returnable items will require a deposit during your first purchase. After that first initial deposit, you just exchange that empty bottle for new bottle for regular price. That empty bottle gets sent back to the producer, gets cleaned, refilled, and sent back to the stores. This trend is getting ever more popular in cities where some markets are even bringing back the milk man! Not everyone will have access to this option which is fine. Rome wasn't built in a day. Want this option? Contact your local grocery stores and talk to them about your interest in this product being available. We vote with our money! Also, if you do not drink cow's milk, you can make your own zero waste almond milk very easily. Just follow this recipe here!

Day 10: To Go Containers

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  1. I've found glass bottled milk at a market near me, but it does have a lid with a little pull off bit like regular milk bottles. Do you know if that bit is recyclable?