Monday, January 18, 2016

30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 18: Refuse the Straw)

Plastic straws may seem harmless but we use and throw away a lot of them. 500 million a day, to be exact. Yep, that's right. A. Day. Anymore, when you go to a restaurant, they are almost unavoidable considering they make it to your table before you can even think about it. Trust me, I'm still fighting this battle. However, over time, I've figured out ways to get around them and have remembered to stay on top of it. As soon as you order, say that you do not wish to have a straw. How is it any different from asking for easy ice or extra lemon? Pretty easy!

Straws frustrate me. The straw was invented purely out of convenience like most items that we use for a few moments, then discard with absolutely no regard to allow them to litter our planet forever. It's crazy to think that in thousands of years from now, when archaeologists are working to understand us, they'll get most of their information from the plastic waste we left behind. So much cooler than the pyramids, am I right?

There are still a few of us that just like drinking from a straw, especially if you have sensitive teeth like me. There are several plastic free, reusable options that we can utilize for our drinking pleasures. The ones shown above are stainless steel from Life Without Plastic. I keep them in my purse and use them when I want. They come with a cleaning brush so you don't have to worry about mystery particles camping out in them. They also make reusable glass straws that many people love as well.

Day 19: Opt for Secondhand

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  1. WOAH! What's the source for the number of daily used straws? I want to share that, but I like having sources. :)

    1. Sorry! I didn't get my resource linked. :)